Media Statement | Mission House

(Jacksonville Beach, FL) An incident occurred this morning involving an unknown gunman and affected two clients who were seeking assistance from Mission House; a day facility that exists to help meet the needs of people who are circumstantially homeless at the Beach.

At the moment of the event, a staff member from Mission House alerted emergency response officials who quickly arrived on scene. Mission House has been cooperating with Jacksonville Beach Officials and NO staff or volunteers of Mission House were harmed during the incident.

Mission House will be closed for the weekend but will reopen on Monday morning with regular services.

Mission House’s number one goal is to assist people who are circumstantially homeless off the streets of the Beach and back to productive and self-sufficient lives.


Mission House Helping Homeless Adults Take Control of Their Mental Health

It’s no surprise that approximately 26% of homeless adults staying in shelters live with serious mental illness, but what are the local facilities doing to help?

Mission House is the only day facility to help meet the needs of people who are homeless at the Beaches through compassion, faith, and programs designed to provide assistance at an individual level.

For clients facing mental health concerns, Mission House is meeting their needs through case management and art therapy.

Mission House’s Case Managers Jane and Carmen see around 215 new and repeat visitors a month for case management. Clients receive one-on-one counseling where they work intimately with case managers to develop a program planned to restore their independence.  

One of the ways Mission House aims to serve clients healing through mental health issues is through Art Therapy. Each Wednesday, local artist Marsha Glazière leads an art class for Mission House clients.

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Clients who participate can experience the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modeling. The projects vary each week, but what does not change is the creativity and joy that leaves the room.

“The art therapy gives our clients an outlet to handle their frustrations. It has become a connection to the community through art (for those who are artistically inclined it truly is a community) and creates confidence for those who are naturally artistically inclined.  For one of my clients, art literally was the only coping mechanism they had to get through multiple foster homes, abuse, and prison,” according to Carmen, a case manager at Mission House.

Mission House’s goal is to bring awareness to the mental health stigma, especially with adults who find themselves homeless at the beaches.

Mission House is open 7 days a week, 361 days a year.

Mission House Celebrating 20 Years of Compassion by the Sea

(Jacksonville Beach, FL) For over ten years, members and volunteers of Christ Episcopal, Palms Presbyterian, and St. Paul’s Catholic and Episcopal churches were feeding and clothing individuals facing homelessness at the beaches utilizing their halls, gymnasiums, and even the backs of their station wagons. The need at the beach was plenty, but the resources were scarce. It wasn’t until February 1997 that these four churches along with over 162 donors purchased the property at 800 Shetter Avenue in Jacksonville Beach and Mission House was born. Of the many amazing supporters, two of Mission House’s noteworthy founders and early board members were Dr. Raymond Daly III and Mary Alice Wester. Shortly after launching Mission House, the founders noticed a lack of medical care available to individuals facing homelessness. Working in partnership with the Baptist Beaches Medical Center, the First Annual Beach Ball was held in May of 1998.  Proceeds from the ball funded the design and construction of a medical facility, which opened in October of 1998. Over the last 20 years, Mission House has impacted thousands of individuals from meals and showers to case management, workforce development, housing, and medical care. On any given month, Mission House serves over 1,400 meals, serves an average of 30 new patients in their medical clinic, accommodates an average of 215 case management visitors per month, including new and repeat, helps an average of 7 new clients find employment, and assists an average of 10 clients to find housing.

Due to economic conditions, family background, and life situations, each one of Mission House’s clients have faced a trial in their life that they may not have expected.  Mission House is there to assist them in planning a way back to an independent and positive way of life. One of those clients is Kathleen. Kathleen worked for the IRS for over 20 years. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Kathleen ended up losing everything where she found herself living on the streets. Kathleen came to Mission House for the necessities - food, clothing, and a shower. The number one goal at Mission House is to assist people who are homeless off the streets and back to productive and self-sufficient lives. Thanks to case management services offered at Mission House, Kathleen was able to find employment and housing shortly after visiting the Mission. To date, Mission House is still the only day facility to help meet the needs of people who are homeless at the Beaches through compassion, faith, and programs designed to provide assistance at an individual level. In honor of the 20th year anniversary, Mission House will be hosting a community open house February 25, 2017. Mission house will recognize the city officials for their support and dedication over the years, including Jacksonville Beach Mayor's, Chief of Police, and much more. It will also be a great opportunity for those in the community to learn more about Mission House’s services and take a look around the recently renovated facility. To learn more about this community open house in honor of Mission House’s 20th year anniversary, you can contact the Mission by phone at 904-241-6767, by email at, or online by clicking here.

Birth of Hope: Mission House’s Medical Clinic Providing Hope for Hundreds in Need

(Jacksonville Beach, FL) One of the most critical issues facing people who are homeless is the lack of medical care available. Established in October of 1998, thanks to a partnership with the Baptist Beaches Medical Center, Mission House opened the doors to their free medical clinic. Since then, Mission House has provided hope to thousands of individuals facing chronic medical issues without the opportunity to receive medical care. As a part of the WeCare Referral Agency, Mission House Clinic assists people who are homeless and uninsured low-income adults every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning.  The clinic is staffed by 100% volunteer medical professionals.  Every doctor, nurse, pharmacist and intake person gives their time and talent to provide medical care to hundreds of people who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn. “On any given month, the Mission House Clinic serves 30 new patients, provides medical care to roughly 175 returning patients, and our volunteer medical professionals serve around 350 clinic hours,” stated Mission House Executive Director Lori Anderson. The total value of the medical services offered exceeds $20,000 a month.

The Mission House clinic provides immediate medical care to those exhibiting pain or chronic medical issues that need attention. Patients must be at least 18 years of age. Appointments are taken on Mondays from 1pm to 3pm and Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm. Thanks to the generosity of the community, the Mission House clinic has been sustained and continues to provide hope for hundreds in need. To learn more about the Medical Clinic, and or to get involved, visit online at or by phone at 904-241-6767.