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Mission House is a non-profit organization, funded by donations and fundraisers, while ran by volunteer services. Below please find how Mission House and our volunteers are making a difference in our community on a monthly basis.

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Monthly Meals 

An average of 2,380 meals are served monthly from our facility. This number is up from 2017.

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Monthly Case Management

  • We accommodate an average of 225 visitors per month, including new and repeat.

  • We help our clients find new jobs and on average approximately 7 visitors are employed per month.

  • Mission House is able to find housing for an average of 10 clients per month.


Monthly Clinic Operations

  • Our clinic serves an average of 20 new patients medical needs.

  • Mission House serves new and repeat patients. We provide medical services to approximately 113 patients per month.

  • Our volunteers are what keep our clinic running. Because we are able to provide a monthly average of 180 clinic hours we are able to provide an immense amount medical services to our patients.

  • Our clinic is 100% run by volunteers. Mission House provides medical services per month worth more than $163,759.


Mission House Financials

For our recent 990, please click here.

Click here for Annual Impact Report