Thank You Mission House

It’s been five years since I’ve been volunteering at the Mission House Clinic, and everyday I go, I find myself feeling proud of serving the community, by helping those in need. From interpreting to working the computer, these types of responsibilities that I uphold may have seemed trivial at first when I started volunteering, but I soon began to realize that being a volunteer is more than just what position you hold. It takes the cooperation and dedication of every volunteer for an organization to function efficiently and successfully, and I’m happy to say that Mission House delivers on that.

Today, I find myself feeling honored of being part of the Mission House family. It is very admirable what Mission House and the Mission House Clinic does for the community, and it is because of this that I have found myself trying to follow in its exemplary ways. Which is why I aspire to become a doctor, as I have witnessed the kindness and commitment that our doctors at the Mission House Clinic puts into each patient. Therefore, soon I dream of the day where I become a doctor who volunteers at the Mission House Clinic.
— Rolando Cordova, Volunteer

Mission House makes a difference. After being on the street for several years with some help from other facilities, I heard about Mission House, and it changed my life. I lived in Jacksonville all my life, however I had not heard of Mission House. What a blessing to have found them. The first day I arrived, I was greeted with kindness and determination to help me begin to turn things around. I worked with the case workers to get social security in place; and with the medical clinic to get the needed medical care and medicines. I was provided daily food, shower, shave and clean cloths.

I recognized that for me to turn things around I had to be an active participant. I volunteered at Mission House to clean up after meals and helped the front office stamping envelopes. I also participated in the Tuesday night Bible teachings with music an song. Helping yourself is part of the process. The staff at Mission House gave me the confidence and understanding to know there is more in life than being homeless.

At last I am in housing and want to give thanks to the staff and volunteers at Mission House that got me on my feet again, for their kindness, comfort, support and generosity. And to let those who support Mission House or need Mission House’s service in their life know that the compassion provided at Mission House makes a difference.
— By R. Graham, previous client

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