How One Young Mother Changed Her Life for the Better With Mission House

For this young mother, there was no life before Mission House. 

After years of alcohol and drug use, Kim found herself on the streets of the Beaches and knew it was time to get help - which is how she found out about Mission House. 

Mission House provided her with a sufficient meal, a place to shower, and more importantly - someone to talk to. After frequent life-changing conversations with Michaele, Mission House’s current Assistant Director who was a Case Manager at the time, Kim found a sober living home for men and women overcoming addiction. 

Due to her past history of relapse, Kim was extremely hesitant to try living on her own - she was scared to accept such a wonderful opportunity to just, in her words, “ruin it”. Kim was assured that Mission House would be there to help her through the process and that she would never have to be alone--something of which she was deeply afraid.

Following this reassurance, Kim moved into the sober living house with Mission House providing financial assistance for the first month of rent, giving Kim time to focus on herself and get accustomed to this lifestyle change. Fast forward to today: Kim has landed two jobs and is now fifteen months sober. Living in her very own apartment, she now supports herself, has her own car, and greatest of all, she has the ability to be a great mother to her son and daughter. 

With a bright future ahead, Kim looks forward to being in her children’s lives, and even plans to pursue a college degree.  

Kim doesn’t know where she would be without the help of Mission House. To those who are struggling with alcohol or drug use, or find themselves on the streets, Kim wants you to know there is help out there: “If you’re looking to improve your life, Mission House is here.”