Paving the Path to Hope, One Brick At a Time

Mission House is the only day facility to help meet the needs of people who are homeless at the Beaches through compassion, faith, and programs designed to assist at an individual level.

Each day, Mission House serves more than 50 adults through case management, free clinic services, meals, showers, employment assistance, etc. In 2017, 394 individuals were assisted by a case manager, 25,492 nutritious meals were prepared and served by over 60 volunteer meal groups, 42 homeless adults were employed by community business owners, and 220 new patients visited the free medical clinic saving the community $33, 260 in emergency room fees.

"The face of homelessness has changed dramatically over the years. Due to economic conditions, family background, and life situations, each one of our clients has faced a trial in their life that they may not have expected. We are here to assist them in planning a way back to an independent and positive way of life. It is our number one goal to assist people who are homeless off the streets of the Beach and back to productive and self-sufficient lives. To accomplish this goal, housing has become a recent initiative that our team has started to focus on," according to Executive Director Lori Anderson.

In collaboration with the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Mission House aligns with Rapid re-housing, an intervention designed to help individuals or families at the beach quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. The solution includes three core components, including housing identification, rent and move-in assistance, and Rapid re-housing case management services.

Last year alone, Mission House helped 94 people obtain permanent housing. This led to a community savings of $400,910 in potential arrest costs.

In addition to case management services, Mission House has seen tremendous involvement and encouragement from the community. Mission House's "welcome home" volunteer group works in small teams to prepare an apartment for these clients and set in place what's needed for them to start a new life. Thanks to financial contributions, Mission House has also been fortunate enough to provide assistance to cover move-in costs, deposits, and the rental and/or utility assistance (typically six months or less) necessary to allow individuals and families to move immediately out of homelessness and to stabilize in permanent housing.

Mission House recently created a new initiative aimed at helping increase the number of individuals and families back to productive and self-sufficient lives. Through the "Pave the Path to Hope Campaign," donors can purchase an engraved brick to cement their legacy with helping people who are homeless off the street. These bricks are being laid in between the existing pathway to our client entrance.

"Our hope is that clients walking into Mission House for the first time will recognize this pathway to hope and with each step, they will feel a sense of support from their community," stated Anderson.


For a minimum of $250, you can engrave your legacy and help complete the path to hope for an individual or family in need. proceeds from each brick sale will be part of our Mission House Endowment, assuring our basic services of hot meals, clothing, and showers will never be jeopardized.  The endowment assures these life-saving services will continue on well into the future.

To learn more or get involved, please visit or contact Sarah Spence, Business Manager at 904-241-6767.