A Meaningful Partnership Provides Hope for Jacksonville’s Neighbors in Need with Free Medicine

(Jacksonville, FL): The Mission House Clinic is pleased to announce its recent partnership with the Dispensary of Hope. This partnership will solidify Mission House’s ability to continue to provide free pharmaceuticals to their clients who lack access to medication coverage and live who below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

For Mission House’s chronically ill patients, access to free medication is often their first step to recovery and self-sufficient lives. These clients’ ability to receive monitored and much-needed medication helps them gain control over, and often ameliorates, their health issues, allowing them to stay out of the healthcare system for avoidable reasons.

“We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Dispensary of Hope. The collaboration is an amazing opportunity for Mission House and the uninsured patients we serve. The partnership will expand our formulary and allow us to provide even more medications to the patients who are ill or are suffering from chronic disease,” stated Nancy Crain, Mission House’s Physician Assistant.

About Dispensary of Hope

The Dispensary of Hope is a nonprofit organization that collects and distributes pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and safety-net clinics to dispense to low income, chronically ill patients.  Through partnerships, pharmacies and clinics nationwide can utilize Dispensary of Hope medication to impact the health of their communities by improving access to affordable medication.

As the cornerstone of population health initiatives, the Dispensary of Hope program is key to reducing avoidable hospital readmissions and emergency room use that often results from a lack of access to affordable medication. Learn more by visiting: www.dispensaryofhope.org

About Mission House

Mission House is the only day facility in Jacksonville Beach to help meet the needs of people who are homeless through compassion, faith, and programs designed to provide assistance at an individual level. Mission House’s number one goal is to help people who are homeless off of the streets and back to productive, self-sufficient lives.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved or learning more about Mission House can visit their website at www.missionhousejax.org.