Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a tradition here at Mission House. Summertime is especially difficult for us as many are away on vacation and do not think of donating in the summer as they do at holiday times.  Our number of clients increases by 30% in the summer months.  That is 30% more meals, clothing and assistance given to our clients.  

If you could help, we would appreciate donations of the following items that are needed at this time of year:

  • Triple edge disposable razors
  • White socks
  • Men’s and women’s underwear
  • Individual sun screen and bug wipes

For only $84 a month, $1,000 annually, you can become a member of our Samaritan Circle.  This can be done by mail or through our website donation page along with any other credit card donations, Donate Here. Mission House also accepts gifts of stock, insurance, bequests and endowments.

Your generosity will help us purchase these items to help our clients in the heat of the summer and to fend off mosquitoes as they sleep outside in the evenings. There are no overnight shelter facilities in the beaches area and the downtown shelters are already overcrowded.

Again, we thank you for your generosity and continued support.  Anything you can do to help us achieve our number one goal of getting people who are homeless off the street and back to an independent and productive life will be greatly appreciated.

Donations can also be made by check, payable to Mission House, and mailed to:

Mission House Inc. 800 Shetter Ave. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 (Between 8th and 9th behind Beach Blvd. Bowling Alley)