From Hiding to Hope - Kerry's Success Story

Life before Mission House was a challenge for Kerry. After attempting to permanently leave an abusive relationship, Kerry was left without any family to turn to and no place to call home. Kerry found herself at Mission House, and met an individual there who taught her survival skills that kept her alive and safe while she lived in the woods for a year, away from her estranged husband. 

Disguised as a man to protect herself, Kerry visited Mission House three to four times a week.

Through Mission House, she received a variety of necessities, including clean clothes, a shower, warm food, and continual support from people who did not judge her for her current situation. 

Kerry felt comfortable at Mission House, even in her disguise, knowing that Mission House would not only provide immense support, but would keep her identity safe, all while helping her get her life back on track. 

Fast forward to today: Kerry now has a stable career with a local non-profit organization, a home, and is in a loving, supportive relationship. Her current employment allows her to work alongside a variety of individuals seeking employment, including some of whom are current clients at Mission House. After learning where these clients came from, she was reminded of how much Mission House helped her get back on her feet, and wanted to share her story, seven years after her last visit to Mission House. 

When asked what she’d say to individuals in a situation similar to her past, she encourages them this way: “Don’t give up, keep trying. If you’re ever in a dark place, know there is always someone or someplace that is there to help,” including not only herself, but Mission House, a place that helped Kerry so much, in regaining her self-esteem and independence. She is forever grateful for the kindness and nonjudgmental treatment she found at The Mission House.