Volunteer at Mission House Clinic

There are various ways you can assist the Mission House Clinic.  Hours are flexible, and can be weekly or monthly.  Our Appointment Only Free Clinic operates Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Our Client Only - Walk-In Free Clinic operates Monday and Friday mornings.  We are in need of volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacists or anyone in the medical profession.  Please click on the link below and fill out our clinic volunteer application and sign up for an Orientation Tour.  All Clinic Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.  All clinic professionals must complete – and are protected by – sovereign immunity forms (please click here to fill out our Sovereign Immunity Form) and go through HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training.  Most positions also require Clinic Volunteers to have a current, valid Florida medical license.

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Physician - MD, ARNP, DO, PA:

Nursing - RN:
This position requires volunteers to perform regular clinical nursing activities, patient in-take vitals signs; interview patient to summarize purpose of visit; other medical tasks to assist physician/NP as needed. Nurses are required to have an Active Registered Florida Nurse license, and a Sovereign Immunity/Contract completed.

Patient Check-in/Non Medical:
This position requires volunteers to sign-in patients based upon appointment schedule and time of arrival, ensure all necessary documents signed and dated by patients, file medical charts for type of visit, and communicate issues to medical staff as needed.  This position requires HIPPA training. 

This position requires volunteers to manage and perform prescription dispensing tasks as needed, and are required to have an active Florida Pharmacist license/contract. 

Pharmacist Technician:
This position requires volunteers to manage and perform prescription dispensing tasks as needed, under the supervision of licensed pharmacist, and are required to have an active Florida Pharmacy Technician license.

This position requires volunteers to scribe clinical notes for physicians or ARNP into EMR (electronic medical record), and are required to have previous experience in scribing in a clinic setting and complete HIPPA training.

PAP Management:
MH Clinic offers free medical services to an under-served population, we also assist our patients to obtain certain medication at no costs - Patient Assistance Program (PAP) - based upon eligibility criteria set by the pharmaceutical companies. This position is to manage the whole process of PAP for each patient, from eligibility determination, application, on-going refill to annual renewal and is required to complete HIPPA training. 

New Patient Registration:
This position will perform the duties of new patient registration to ensure all necessary documents are filled out appropriately and verify patient eligibility to enroll in the Mission House Clinic program and is required to complete HIPPA training.

I want to let you know that it is in fact my pleasure to volunteer as a Registered Nurse at Mission House, Incorporated. My passion for nursing is driven by my community outreach here at Mission House. To say the least, it heightens my love and purpose in my profession. Mission House deals with a vulnerable population that needs special services from special people. I am humbled to impact the lives of our local citizens whom are grateful to receive our medical services. Thank you for all that you do Lori!
— Joanna Anorue RN, BSN, SCRN Baptist Medical Center Beaches Critical Care Unit