Help us ensure hope for the future this holiday season with your end of the year contribution!

Mission House would like to thank our community for helping us celebrate our 20th Anniversary of Service this past year.

Mission House has been the only answer for those affected by homelessness in the Beaches area for the past 20 years, and plans to remain the leading resource at the Beach for many years to come.


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As we close out our year of celebration, we ask you to make a pledge or donation to the endowment. There are several ways to make a gift through bequests, trusts, and for those of you 70.5 years old and over, through your IRA, tax free. For more information, go to No matter which option you choose, your gift will be vital to the financial stability and strong future for Mission House.

Thank you in advance for making Mission House part of your Holiday charitable giving.

When you are considering your charitable giving, we want to make you aware of another way to support Mission House that could reduce your taxable income.  If you are 701/2 or older you can make a distribution from your traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to Mission House without incurring tax on the withdrawal.  Your gift is excluded from gross income for federal income tax purposes.  Please contact our Business Manager to make your charitable IRA rollover contribution at (904) 241-6767 Ext. 121 or  Or fill out the Request form on our website.  (Mission House tax ID# 59-3377604)  Please inquire with your tax adviser for more details.

Tax ID# 59-3376704 All donations are tax deductible.