Mission House 2017 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

WHAT A YEAR!!! And all because of YOU.  The year long celebration of our 20th Anniversary of Service was one to remember.  The results in this report can only be attributed to the amount of support we received from YOU–our donors, volunteers and sponsors. Our team housed 94 people in 2017, an increase of 19% over the previous 12 months. Mission House’s efforts, like our case management and free clinic, continue to IMPACT the community by ultimately saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. All of this is accomplished with only 12 staff members, over 500 volunteers, and community support and love that is priceless.

The Mission House Jim Shields Memorial Endowment received pledges and donations of $626,433 in the first 10 months 2017. We are over halfway to our $1,000,000 goal but we still need your help. The Endowment was created so that basic services will never be interrupted in the future because of hard financial times or a disaster. Mission House can only continue to remain the leading homeless services resource at the Beach with your help. Please click here to learn more, or reach me by phone at (904) 241-6767 ext. 114 for more information on how you can become a part the Endowment and safeguard the future of Mission House.

Please know that the lives you have changed, and the PEOPLE you have touched with your  generosity are forever grateful, and so are all of us at Mission House. THANK YOU!

Thank you,

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